National Institute of Technology(KOSEN), Oyama College

Academic Calendar

First Semester

April 2 Entrance Ceremony
2-4 Orientation for Freshmen
3 Opening Ceremony
4 Regular Checkup


Beginning of First Semester
24 Anniversary of the School
May 15 Recommendatory Entrance Examination for Advanced Courses
22 First Semester Ballgame Tournament
June May31-6 Midterm Examination
15 Entrance Examination for Advanced Courses
22 1st to 4th Graders’ Parent-Teacher’s Meeting
July 6 1st to 4th Graders’ Parent-Teacher’s Meeting
27 Open Campus
August July31-6 Terminal Examination
13 Summer Vacation

Second Semester

September 24 Beginning of Second Semister
October 23 Second Semester Ballgame Tournament
November 3-4 Koryo Festival(College Festival)

Enrollment Examination to Fourth Year, Advanced Course Entrance Examination by Special Selection Methods for Adults Applicants

20-26 Midterm Examination
December 25-Jan.3 Winter Vacation
January 15 Recommendatory Entrance Examination
February Jan.31-6 Terminal Examination
7 Entrance Examination
27-Mar.31 Spring Vacation
March 21 Graduation Ceremony

Information about Contests

1. KOSEN Robot Contest
ROBOCON provides an opportunity for young students who wish to become engineers to experience the pleasure of realizing ideas or manufacturing objects vying with others with their original ideas and technology. This event has attracted much attention from a wide stratum of people as many are surprised at the flexible creative abilities the students show in the robots they present, and this event has impressed many with the serious efforts shown by students. (Commonly known as ROBOCON)

2. KOSEN Programming Contest
This is a competition with ideas and their realization related to information technology (IT). The originality and creativity shown here are highly acclaimed by the IT industry and related fields of the organizing professional societies. (Commonly known as PROCON)

3. KOSEN Design Competition
Participants in this competition are mainly students majoring in civil engineering and architecture of technical colleges across the country, and this event aims to make students able to propose ideas for improvements to the living environment by offering solutions to a wide range of problems existing in everyday life situations. (Commonly known as DEZACON)

4. The Annual English Presentation Contest for Students in KOSEN
This event is comprised of a “Single contest” and a “Team contest”, and it is a competition for presentation and speech skills in English under the slogan “Students of technical colleges for fluency in English” to promote globalization of the perspectives of students who will play important roles in the industry of the future. An annual event where participants present high-level performances. (Commonly known as PRECON)