National Institute of Technology(KOSEN), Oyama College

President Message

Since its inception the National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), Oyama College has evolved to be the center of higher education in and around the city of Oyama. A distinguishing feature of our college is its emphasis on hands-on technical education designed to help nurture practical and creative engineers. Our students graduate with the necessary capabilities and competence to successfully go on to begin their careers in industries and in society.

We offer four Associate Degree Programs in the departments of Mechanical Engineering, Innovative Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Materials Chemistry and Bioengineering, and Architecture. After graduating from one of these departments, students can choose to study for an additional two years to complete our Advanced Course program that further specializes students in their fields. With its proven organizational flexibility and high-caliber staff, our college is equipped to meet the ever-increasing educational demands of modern society. 

In the five-year Associate Degree Program, students fresh out of junior high school learn practical skills and gain a wide range of basic knowledge in various subjects. By the end of the curriculum, students will have acquired the knowledge, technical skills, and proper frame of mind necessary for developing themselves into professional engineers with a global perspective. Upon completion of an Associate Degree Program, graduates will earn an associate degree. Graduates from our school are highly valued and sought-after by employers as evidenced by the fact that the annual job openings-to-applicant ratio is 30 to 1 or higher and that the employment rate at graduation is practically 100%. Some graduates do not enter employment immediately and proceed to the two-year Advanced Course program to gain further technical competence. Other graduates who choose not to work immediately, transfer to four-year national universities as third-year engineering students. Overall, about 50% of graduates choose to continue their education elsewhere after finishing their program at Oyama College. Students who graduate from the Advanced Course program either find work, or since they will receive a bachelor’s degree, proceed to master’s studies to further develop their research skills. As you can see, our students are open to a wide variety of career paths, which we believe is a result of the confidence they place in our education. 

“Pursuing to be an engineer of integrity” is the school motto at Oyama College. It emphasizes the importance of fostering students to have compassion for others and an attitude of responsibility in addition to creativity and the ability to solve open-ended engineering issues. The methods of teaching and the contents of the curriculum have constantly been updated to reflect the changing needs of society and the students. Global competence is also recognized as an important component in our programs, so we have active international student exchange programs and collaborations with foreign institutions. Furthermore, Oyama College is collaborating with local industries and regional governments such as Oyama and Tochigi Cities through our Regional Innovation Support Center, which is a hub established in 2017 for organizing collaborative research and technological support services. 

Our college offers a unique experience bringing together general life skills with the specialization needed in today’s world. We hope that our education is suitable to your own personal ambitions in life. Thank you for considering becoming a part of Oyama College. We look forward to serving you and society.