National Institute of Technologoy, Oyama College


Library and information Network center

The Center is an essential part of academic life, designed to help students read and study on their own. Faculty members also conduct research in the Center. We have a system for searching our collections of books and journals online. The Center is open to the public and supports lifelong learning.
There is a “multi-media” room, where personal computers connected to the internet and other audio-visual equipment is available. Students can access many kinds of electronic journals through the internet and can also enjoy watching DVDs in this room. There is a room for group study in the Center as well.

Education and Research Center for Information Science

The Education and Research Center for Information Science (ERCIS) is the core facility to conduct computer-related education and research programs in the field of information science, network systems and computer -oriented engineering.
 The ERCIS provides services available for entire college and community. The center has the state-of-the-art computer based communication systems. With the deployment of the gigabit campus network, it enables the users to share and obtain information globally, and to disseminate knowledge to the world at large.
 The facilities of ERCIS include three Computer Rooms and a Network Experiment Room that are available for students and scholars on pursuing their study and research. The center has a computer system for education which contains a total of 141 terminals. Besides opening for lectures and students’ project work, the ERCIS also offers a series of lectures to the public each year.

Regional Innovation Support Center

The Area Innovation Support Center was established to facilitate collaboration among industry, academia and government, and also as a joint research and education center.
It consists of three sections and controls the NIT, Oyama College Satellite Campus.
● The Division of Collaboration for Industry, Academia and Government which works to activate regional industries through exchange with regional industries and other collaborative
organizations of industry, academia and government.
● The Division of Research and Development which aims to promote joint research with regional private enterprises and/or other organizations by collaborating among industry, academia
and government.
● The Division of Support for Educational and Culture Activities which focuses on promoting NIT, Oyama College’s contributions to regional society by supporting regional educational and cultural activities and lifelong learning activities.
“OYAMAKOSEN Regional Collaboration Society” was established to assist local industries in promoting regional community and technology, and also to assist NIT, Oyama College with manufacturing education, through exchange between NIT, Oyama College and local industries.

Education and Research Support Center for Manufacturing

The Education and Research Support Center for Manufacturing was founded as a research facility of the National Institute of Technology, Oyama College. The purpose of the Center is to support the staffs’ various research and educational activities. The first-to third-year students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering learn how to use mechanical tools correctly and safely. They also practice advanced machining using CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machine tools.
Moreover the Center offers assistance to make any equipment for research for students. Extracurricular activities, such as Robot Contest, Eco-cars (cars depending on less fuel) and so on are also offered.


NIT, Oyama College has a dormitory to provide students with a better living and study environment. This dormitory has comfortable facilities, including single and double rooms for students. For students’ safety and instruction, academic staff stay at the dormitory during the night. Living a regular life and following rules, students take part in various activities organized by a dormitory-student council. Communal life in the dormitory has given many students valuable experiences such as creating friendships with their peers and a sense of independence.