National Institute of Technologoy, Oyama College

Advanced Course

The Advanced Course aims to provide students with opportunities to acquire further special knowledge and technical skills on the basis of the five-year regular course and to cultivate an engineer with creativity, with a deeper knowledge of technology and with a wide range of advanced technical abilities. An engineer who will be expected to play an active part in the field of industry.
National Institute of Technology, Oyama College, has offered one General Advanced Course since 2010, which is composed of five specialized courses provided by the five departments in the Associate
Degree Program. General Advanced Course has begun offering four courses since 2018, due to the merger of two of the former five departments.

Course of Mechanical Engineering

In Mechanical Engineering Course, graduated students from a Department of Mechanical Engineering can develop basic and advanced knowledge and skills to prepare for the challenges and opportunities that abound in modern technology and society via lectures, practices and experiments.
Practical exercised such as research, internship and seminars are designed for students to prepare for challenge to solve the complicated practical problems by combining technical knowledge and professional skills. Students are also expected to demonstrate awareness of environmental issues as professional engineers.

Course of Innovative Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The course of Innovative Electrical and Electronic Engineering aims at the cultivation of the capable persons who are expected to acquire the basic knowledge and the wide range of techniques for the electrical engineering, electronic engineering, control engineering, and information engineering. The more specific purpose of this course is to make students enhance their own abilities through the acquisition of techniques and the study in robotics system, information network, and new energy. The results of the graduation researches are presented at academic conferences and contributed to the society.

Course of Materials Chemistry and Bioengineering

The advanced course accepts graduates from a chemistry-related department of this and other colleges. Students develop their already acquired expertise by broadening their skills and knowledge about laboratory practice so that they will be able to work in industrial society with increasingly complex technology. The ultimate goal of the education in this course is to help students acquire fundamental and application abilities needed for advanced technology such as materials chemistry, bioengineering, and chemical engineering.

Course of Architecture

In this advanced course students are to attend lectures and work on assignments to design so that they will acquire basic academic skills with which they can flexibly work in various architectural fields, such as planning, structural engineering, material engineering, environmental engineering, design and regional planning. They will also develop these basic skills to acquire professional knowledge and skills. Special research and internship programs offered in this course will cultivate students’ abilities to find a research project for themselves, work on it, and analyze or evaluate its results. Students are trained to be exploring engineers with a spirit of challenge and leadership.