National Institute of Technology(KOSEN), Oyama College


Oyama College offers Associate Degree Programs in four departments, where students can acquire a wide range of basic knowledge and practical skills. Students also have an opportunity to pursue more specialized subjects and technologies in advanced courses.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering strives to foster engineers who can play an active role in fields, such as the design, manufacturing and control of various systems including machinery and machines, such as robots and engines. This objective is achieved by developing the ability to grasp the design and manufacturing processes by synthesizing the fundamentals of mathematics and physics into the main subjects of the mechanical engineering, manufacturing, mechanical drafting, and technology training.
By introducing mechanical engineering to students and giving them the opportunity to do graduation research, the Department of Mechanical Engineering is designed to foster creativity.

Department of Innovative Electrical and Electronic Engineering

In this department, through a spiral model of education and practice, students will acquire fundamental knowledge in electromagnetic theory, electrical circuit theory, and information engineering. In the later years, to obtain high technical knowledge and skills we have three courses specializing in energy, control, and information. Through creative laboratory work in engineering, course experiments, and graduate research, our education aims to develop technical experts who have excellent creativity, problem-solving ability, and communication skills.

Department of Materials Chemistry and Bioengineering

The Department of Materials Chemistry and Bioengineering provides the knowledge and skills which will enable students to play an active part in the future of all chemical industries related to new materials, chemicals and life sciences. Its educational program in the early years ranges from the fundamentals of chemistry to their applications.
In the final year, students receive instructions directly from a supervisor in graduation research.

Department of Architecture

Through practical lessons in the early school years, the department aims to educate students not only for improvement in the core academic abilities but in the abilities to design a project.
In the later school years, it develops students into architects who are able to work in various sub-fields of architecture with creativity, problem-solving skills and communication skills through graduation work. This allows students to recognize the importance of specializing in a subject.

Department of General Education

In the Department of General Education, students develop thinking ability, a sense of ethics, and sensibility, and they acquire fundamental abilities in specialized departments.
This cultivates knowledge equivalent to the university liberal arts level.
Furthermore, we focus on fundamental ideas of humanities and mathematical sciences for their studies after