National Institute of Technologoy, Oyama College


OYAMA KOSEN offers an Associate Degree Program and an Advanced Course; the former is divided into the four departments of “Mechanical Engineering,” “Innovative Electrical and Electronic Engineering,” “Materials Chemistry and Bioengineering,” and “Architecture,” and the Advanced Course consists of four specialized engineering courses.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering strives to foster engineers who are active and practice in all fields, such as the design, the manufacturing and the control of various systems including machinery and machines, such as a robot and an engine. This objective is achieved through teaching them the ability to grasp the design and manufacturing processes by synthesizing the fundamentals of mathematics and physics into the main subjects of the mechanical engineering, manufacturing, mechanical drafting, and technology training. With the refinement of its mechanical engineering curriculum, the Department of Mechanical Engineering will encourage creativity hrough
graduation research and seminars.

Department of Innovative Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The Department makes it possible for the students to acquire the fundamental knowledge such as electromagnetic theory, electrical circuit theory, and information engineering through the spiral education including practice. In the later years, to obtain high technical knowledge and skill we have three directions of energy, control and information. We aims at the education of technical experts who are excellent in creativity, problem solution ability and the communication ability through the project work, electronics design, course experiments and graduation

Department of Materials Chemistry and Bioengineering

The Department of Materials Chemistry and Bioengineering provides the knowledge and skills which will enable
students to play an active part in the future of all chemical industries related to new materials, chemicals and life
sciences. Its educational program in the early years ranges from the fundamentals of chemistry to their pplications.
In the final year, students also receive instructions by supervisor in graduation research.

Department of Architecture

In early school years, the department aims to educate students for not only improvement in the academic core
ability but also development of abilities to design a project, with acquire architecture through some practicals.
In late school years, it educates architects who are able to work in various fields of architecture with creativity,
problem solving skill and communication competence through graduation work, while letting a student recognize the importance of the specialized subject.

Department of General Education

The Department of General Education gives students the basic academic knowledge necessary for the specialized
courses as well as fosters the ability to think, ethical judgement and sensibility for the character building. Hence the students aquire the same level of education as that of the faculty of liberal arts. In addition the students cultivate the fundamental skills required: sentence configuration power, social recognition ability, mathematical ability specialized,and international communication skills in order to continue learning as an engineer after graduation.